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Help! I need advice!

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Help! I need advice!

So I'm a junior this year going into my senior year, and we were recently given the materials for class registration. We are on the block schedule (if you aren't familiar with it we have 4 classes each day, alternating, with a total of 8) and I know most of the classes I plan on taking. My dilema is with my math class.

Math is easily my worst subject. Most of the classes I'm taking next year are AP or honors... with the exception of math. Right now I'm in trig, and it's a miracle I'm passing it at all. All my other grades are A's, and then trig is my only C. My grades in math have gone down each year i high school from A's in freshman year, B's sophomore year, and now finally to C's. It's not that I don't try, but it's the combination of a bad teacher and the fact that I just don't get it. So basically I can't decide what math to take next year.

I have two options. I could take pre-calc, or foundations of college math, a class that I'm not sure is offered everywhere else. I have been asking around at school, and have been given conflicting advice. Some people tell me pre-calc is "a breath of fresh air" after trig. Some people tell me it's just as hard. As for the other class, some people tell me that it's a good class to take because it's very practical and relates to real-life, others have told me it's a b.s. class and nobody does anything, which is not what I'm looking for.

I don't want to take pre-calc if it's going to kill my GPA, but I'm hesitant to take foundations because I plan on attending a university straight out of high school and I'm afraid it will look bad on my transcript to be moving from a higher level math to a lower one. On the other hand, I'm considering majoring in communications/ mass media production, which wouldn't require a lot of high level math.


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alright heres an idea, take pre-cal, but do it during the summer, that way you can just concentrate on that class at once so that you hopefully have more time and thought to devote to it, and then just dont take a math your senior year during school. this way pre-cal wont bog you down during the year in addition to other classes, and youll still have four years of high school math if thats the route you want to go.

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Take the easier class. Honestly, as long as your taking honors/AP classes colleges don't care what level math class you take. During my sophomore and junior year I took the easiest math classes possible. This year, I didn't take a math or science, however, i am taking five other AP/Honor classes. So far, none of the colleges I have applied to have cared about my math classes. I have been accepted into all of them with scholarships and been asked to join the schools Honors Colleges. Plus, during senior year, who really wants to take a hard math class?

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Well, in my school I know that we only had to take either pre-calc or trig. I'm told that pre-calc and trigonometry are pretty much the same the same course in a different order. At any rate, you do have the summer option, or if your school will let you change courses you can try it for a few days and see what it's like. Or you can check out the book sometime after/before school and see what it's like. Plus, you can always ask me for math help - I'm always happy to help. Whatever you choose, I wish you luck with whatever you choose!

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