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Joined: Apr 2006

I have had girl issues, and we both decided to stay friends(really close friends). I honestly can't get over her even though 2+ months have passed. So my question is....how do I stop thinking about her?

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Joined: May 2006

i dont know...i had the same problem with a guy i dated for about 6 months. they're always there and you always think about some little thing that they'd think of...

i guess my only advice would be to let more time pass and try to go out with friends and have fun.

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hire a stripper?

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I think you have to be a certain age for that...and all I can say is, maybe get involved in a new group or activity that she isn't in. That way you could make new friends, do new things, etc., w/o her being there.

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It sounds like u really care about her. Well maybe u should try findin someone else to fill that empty space in your life. That way you'll either get over her, or maybe she'll get jealous and want u back. - Monique

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