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Joined: Feb 2007

I just moved for the 4th time. this time in the middle of high school. it really gets annoying, you lose friends, you have to adapt to a completely new environment and so on. Who else has moved and could you share your story?

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Well, the only time I've moved is last semster to college. Not much of a story, but I love it.

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Joined: Mar 2005

I moved the summer before eighth grade. That is a bad time to move your child btw because all the highschool groups start to form in 6th grade, and 8th graders tend to be very reluctant to change. Of course, it's just a bad age for kids. Anyways, it was hard, but I made friends and found a place to fit in. And then after 10th grade they built a new school near me combining students from two of the three most dangerous schools in the county. So I switched again. I didn't like leaving friends, but I joined some clubs and made some new friends. And yes, it's really annoying having to leave everyone, but nowadays you can still keep track of them by e-mail or even better by joining a social network like facebook or hi5 or bebo where you can upload pics and send messages and such. The world is getting smaller all the time.

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I've moved more times than i can count and It was hard every single one of those times but I found the easiest thing to do is get involved with a club that you think sounds interesting and get invovled right away. Its the easiest way to make new friends and make your new surroundings less intimidating since your surrounded by people who share at least some of the same interests you do and its the built in ice breaker. And PianoGirl is right you can always talk to your friends by e-mail, phone, and the 900 other ways people keep in touch these days.

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Ooo... I realize that this is a pretty old thread but if it makes you feel any better, I was sort of in the same situation as pianogirl--except we didn't move again and I went from being the popular tomboy to the solitary loser. -_- All I can say is that it stinks... Well, it stank until I finally realized the quality is better than quantity. I have more bad days than I would like, but then I laugh at it a few days later.

Who needs the drama? I'm here for my education so run along kiddies and bicker somewhere else. x]

Lol... how my mentality pretty much works at school...

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