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Need a girls perspective...

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oh haha yeah, text sarcasm is hard to understand unless you know the person, then you can kinda read it in their voice.

but yeah, i got put in a project group for a thing were doing in class for apwh, and me and the girl are in the same group. so its cool, i talked to her mostly yesterday when we were working on our project. i talked to her for like 2mins today in geometry today too, cuz we have that same class. but it was mostly just casual talking, but whatever, thats obvious progression over silence.

oh and chula, hahahaha, i wouldnt do the head nod thing to a girl. i might if i were some large ghetto mexican dude, but im not ghetto. haha, i only do that to certain dude friends of mine. lol!

by the way, i forgot to put, im not large either..lol

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