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Prom ideas...

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Joined: Feb 2008
Prom ideas...

I need a girl's opinion on this...Would flowers or some creative idea be a better way of asking girls to Prom? I kinda don't talk to girls that much, so when I ask whoever to Prom, I want it to be a definite yes.

And if i should use a creative idea, got any ideas that would absolutely work?

Btw, I'm only in high school, so don't suggest anything illegal for kids under 21....x_X

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Joined: Feb 2008

It kind of depends on the kind of person you are and the kind of person the girl is. I know some who would adore the flowers, and another would think it's cheesy.
Personally, I think flowers are sweet, but a bit cliche and a little cheesy. And I hate to say it, but there's no way to get a defininte yes. If you want to make sure she'll say yes, ask her (good) friend(s). They'll either know, or they could find out for you. And if they're really nice, they'll help you plan out a way to ask her to prom. Her best friend will know much more about her than most other people.
Good luck! I'll post with more ideas later...

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Joined: Aug 2007

aight niggy.. not to offend anyone.

Here is just an idea.
idk if you like it but ..

Take her to a barnes and noble or a book store or w/e.
pick out a poem book or w/e blah but your probably going to buy it.

your going to highlight some cute words or whatever
you could go with whatever you want heres where your creative :)

Will. YOU go WITH ME to. and then a sticky note prom?

or just have a sticky note that says will you go to prom lol whatever.

ask her to hold it and to read some poems?
shell read your romantic note :)

you could even sneak in some flowers somewhere in this

i know maybe alot of work. but one of my friends was out liked this and she LOVED it lol

oh and id like to see some CREATIVE ideas like this too lol dont shoot me down if you dont have ideas

and she definatly wont expect it you know? your just going to the store :)

IT all REALLY depends on the girl though you know

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Joined: Dec 2007

haha thats good tony, i like that. i might try that one day.

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Joined: Aug 2007

bump bumpbump

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Joined: Feb 2007

I really like that, I might use that....it could also work well for other things too, like valentine's gifts, etc.

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Joined: Jan 2005

Not bad! Good to see we've got some creative guys here haha

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Joined: Jun 2007

Well, oblivion....it really does depend on the girl too...I mean, don't be too cheesy, but don't be too distant either...make it somewhat casual...

If it were me...it'd be cute if you showed some nice chivalry (it ain't dead if you're a sweet and traditional gentleman!)...get down on one knee and give her something she likes...fav flower...fav candies... fav book...etc.

I hope I'm making sense...but hey, Tony's idea is really cute too...just make sure she sees the note you put in there! ^_^

I know you'll get a yes from such thoughtfulness. It's the thoughtfulness that counts to be honest..unless she's materialistic and thinks that money is on top...which hopefully ain't the case.

But good luck and stay happy!

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Joined: Jul 2006

Well first off, just make sure that she doesn't have a date already or is interested in someone else

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Joined: Mar 2008

Just don't make it too cheesy and check if she already has a date as Fairlyhigh398 mentioned. If you're sure that she doesn't have one yet, then you can decide what move you wanna make.

Be original, but not over the top. I don't know but let's say you [url=http://www.serenataflowers.com/petals/Buy_Flowers_Online.htm] order flowers and send it to her that might be a little bit too much. One rose and gently asked migh work though. :)

I hope it works out for you as intended.

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Joined: Feb 2007

I know this is a little back in the conversation but the whole barnes and noble idea - my boyfriend did something similar to that for me and i just melted on the spot

but to be fair this only really really works if she is a romantic, a book lover, or both

but most creative and awesome idea :)

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