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Question about grading scale

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Question about grading scale

Does anybody know what the range of raw scores that converts into their corresponding points on the 5 point scale? Specifically for APUSH, english language, and statistics. i'm set for bio

according to a princeton review book for AP Bio i returned to my library recently...
120 M/C x .75 points for each = 90 max for M/C
4 essays x 10 points each x 1.5 multiplier = 60 max for essays
that totals to a max of 150 points on the AP Bio exam
i don't have the book with me, but it was something like:
102 (or so) - 150 = 5
82 - 101 = 4
60 - 81 = 3
40 - 59 = 2
1 - 39 = 1
(that seems like a huge range for a 5)
i think something like this would be so helpful, because now i can look at it like "ok i'm positive i won't miss more than 10 or so on the M/C, so i only have to average four 4-quality essays to get a 5"
i do find it odd that i can't seem to find this information anywhere, so if anyone is willing to share, please do so?

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I'm pretty sure the grading curve changes yearly. However, if you go to the collegeboard site you can see the trend between the raw scores and the final scores - they don't tend to vary extremely so you'll have a loose guideline. It's also different from subject to subject, so don't expect the grading scale for AP Human Geography to be the same as AP Calculus BC.

~sorry for the late response

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[URL=http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/exgrd_set.html]http://www... has a table for AP US and English language from a while ago, but it doesn't look like it changes too much from year to year. i don't know if this helps?

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that's EXACTLY what i'm looking for. thanks a lot

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