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Secrets of the rich and famous

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Secrets of the rich and famous

I am an aspiring cyclist and a big time fan of Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is a cyclist from Texas and is an undisputed champion. He has won most competitions and even the most prestigious cycling regatta, the Tour de France. But he has also been battling testicular cancer. I would like to know is he back in shape to compete in the Tour de France again?

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He just got surgery done and won't be in the Tour this year. Very disappointing. :(

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Oh damn. Didn't hear that. Shitty

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You sure seem to a big fan of Armstrong and really know a lot about him. I am sure he’s fit enough to take part in the Tour de France and will win this too, like the previous ones. However, you can log on to www.woodenspears.com for more details on your favourite sportsman.

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im a fan of armstrong for me its a hero.

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the secret of rich and famous is continuous hardwork

nothing else can make you rich or famous...oh yes..fate helps too

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