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So this guy....

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So this guy....

I am really good friends with this guy and we are like constantly texting each other and and we hang out often but recently he's kinda been saying things that aren't bad but are different than what we usually talk about. like he says things guys would say to their girlfriends and i'm unsure what to do. i'm really flattered that he is willing to say those things to me but truth be told i'm a little afraid that he'll do something more and i won't k now what to do. my one friend keeps asking me if i'd go out with him and i have absolutely NO idea. he's really nice and funny and he listens to everything i say and like really listens. I kinda like him but i kinda don't at the same time. plus i don't want to do something and come to find out that he doesn't like me tho...what do i do?:confused:

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from what you say, i am gathering that you don't LIKE him beyond a shadow of a doubt. since you don't, just keep being friends with him. i wouldn't worry about it unless he asks you out or you know for sure that you like him. if he asks you i am pretty sure you will know what to say. i don't really know what you mean by "things guys would say to thier girlfriends". unless it is something like "i love you" i would assume he just really trusts you.

all in all, it's just another brick in the wall...

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i agree with ferris totally on this.
but if it really gets annoying or whatever, you can ask him politely to stop. he'll feel affronted about it and ask why which is your chance to ask him why he keeps on saying things like that.

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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If your relationship is that open and you feel comfortable talking to him then you should ask him how he really feels about u...You can't just keep going on and not know the signals that he's throwin you...Because what if he really likes you...You won't know and then u end up likin him too and then both of u are liking each other on the low and won't know how u guys feel...It really won't hurt for you guys to be open with each other then that way you'll kno the direction is really towards dating and not a friendship

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