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Time Wasters

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Joined: Mar 2005
Time Wasters

Okay, admit it, we all waste time and procrastinate from time to time (*cough*everyday*cough*). So! how do you spend your not-free time?

I like to go to phdcomics.com which was great until I read 3 years worth at work...now I have to wait for new ones to come out, so I go there every week or so. I also read other comics on my igoogle page, and play useless games like virus. Doodling is always fun too, especially in class. Ummm, of course youtube and photobucket will always trap you into going from one link to the next.

So what about you guys?

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Joined: Jan 2005

I usually end up watching a ton of movies... torrents are amazing :)

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Joined: Jan 2008

Facebook and Chatting.. or Reading something else rather than what I am supposed to!

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Joined: Feb 2009

mainly Facebook

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Joined: Mar 2009


Sad but true, though I have learned so many random facts from it. All sections of the internet are basically like crack to me.

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Joined: Oct 2006

I browse mafiascum.net. "Browse," in this case, means "refresh my games over and over, hoping someone will post."

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Joined: May 2009

usually chillin

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Joined: Mar 2005

What's free time? I'm work from 8am until 11pm for the Southern Illinois Miners.

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Joined: Aug 2008

i usually play random computer games (the ones that you can play free online cuz i'm cheap lol) or i read posts here cuz i don't have a facebook or anything. or i go on the new site i found called Gives Me Hope (GMH) it has a bunch of inspirational stories.

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Joined: Dec 2010

i end up using internet and spending time on facebook or tweeter...

and i feel like sleeping when open books.

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Joined: Oct 2010

Watching the history channel, because I'm that much of a nerd xD


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