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Trouble and Confusement

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Trouble and Confusement

OK, well I went out with my ex boyfriend for about 4 months and I have this really close guy friend who I felt I always kind of liked and he liked me but then later he told me that he liked my best friend and now after my ex and i broke up he's beginning to ask me out and flirt around. the thing is i do kind of like him but i don't want to be played around with u know what i mean, so idk if i should just ignore it or if i should go along with him and i'm scared it could affect my best friend's relationship and mine even though i truly now that if my best friend was in this situation she would go out with the guy! Help please..

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There are many possiblilities that you can do..LOL. ALthough i'm not an expert.
1- If you're still in school, give it some times.
2- Does your best friend likes him too?~If she does, then you shouldn't go out w/ him b/c the relationship might not last.
3- If you think he's playing w/ you or to make sure that he doesn't think that you're playing around with him, you guys should spend some times talking it out cuz it'll help if you just let it out~And Joke around a bit to make the climate less intense.

ASk yourself how much you like him and why (besides looking hot)? If youuu're trulyy in love, then you should go out with him..But don't go to far...(yu noe wat i mean).

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First of all, courtesey, I would like to say that you cannot know if you are "truly in love" with soembody untill you have been with them for a while to know that it is just not a phase. There are a lot of couples that say they love each other, but it is basically good friends with benefits. Iv had many friends go through situations like this.

Kar17, keep in mind that this is the only way some guys know HOW to flirt. This "stereotypical" flirting is all they have ever known and been taught. Personally, Im a gentlment and I sometimes joke around flirt like that, but hardly every seriously flirt using sexual phrases and such.

Like courtesey did say, ask yourself why you like this guy. Make a list if you have to. Is he nice? Is he polite? Will he be a gentlmen to you? Is he the type of guy who, if he can, will pay for your dates? Will he drive if at all possible? Will he open the door for you? Pay attention to the small details like this. I would still give the guy a chance though. (Nearly) Everybody deserves a chance.

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