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What sports does everyone play?

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What sports does everyone play?

I've played pretty much every sport. I've done everything from sledge hockey (ice hockey for parapalegics so *much* fun!) to rugby to crew. The sport I've loved the most though is by far soccer :) I've played it all my life and I really wished I tried out for the varsity team in college but I didn't want it to become my life while I was in college so I decided to just play intramurals and fraternity league soccer. Now I miss the competitive nature of the game :(

What about you guys?

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I'm more of a swimmer. I was on the JV swim team this year and next year I'll be on Varsity. I also play a little badminton outside though I'm not really good enough to be on the team. Thinking about trying out for the water polo team next year as well.

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Let's see...I uesd to do tennis a long time ago, then I did ballet for six years (yeah, yeah, not a sport, but it's definatly physical exertion!). And now I ride horses (which I call a sport!!!) and ski.

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Soccer is a great sport, but it may be possible that cross country is slightly better...;) Not by much, but by a little. lol I played soccer up until freshman year, then I switched to cross country. I still play soccer with friends though. It keeps us in shape for track and cross country.


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