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Who is your favorite band/artist?

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Joined: Nov 2007

Mine switches from time to time but for some reason McFly songs always make me happy even if I've heard them a million billion times and they've become boring now.

32150DruMMer's picture
Joined: Dec 2007

i listen to a lot of hardcore/emocore type stuff and a little bit of what i like is Saosin, Thrice, As I Lay Dying, From First To Last, The Fall of Troy, Thursday, August Burns Red and Norma Jean among other bands:)

Straight Edge --


For Life

Durandal's picture
Joined: Sep 2007

bandgeeksrus;25916 wrote:since OZZfest.. My three fav's have been:

System of a Down
Avenged Sevenfold

Awesome. I just got Ten Thousand Fists from Disturbed, and it's one of the best CDs I've ever purchased.

My favorites right now:
Three Days Grace
The Offspring

and sort of embarrassing...

tami33's picture
Joined: Dec 2007

Silverstien, Cobra Starship, and the Spill Canvas.

yeah, i know three totally differnet music-types.
Oh well!

[B]Violin,[/B]School, Swimming, Friends=<3

[B][=darkorange]"I dont care how expensive your strings are, if you dont practice, they'll sound

pmac13's picture
Joined: Oct 2007

i just got turned on to this rap/r&b/hip-hop group from new zealang. theyre underground and totally chill... hilltop hoods. best songs: nosebleed section, the sentinel, and Leftfoot rightfoot.
the lyrics for the sentinel carry a story that is oddly similar to that of hotel california by the eagles.

~ In the end my friends we will all be together again
~ Clutching on to my hand
~ In a valley we'll stand
~ Just living again

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Joined: Dec 2007

Does Backstreet Boys count?

RolltheDice's picture
Joined: Jan 2008

The Beatles!!!!!

and Muse, Chiodos, Tegan and Sara, and Against Me!
all very different, but totally awesome.

insanebill1's picture
Joined: Feb 2008

The beatles?!? they so fricken old though...........im a fan of seether, linkin park, three days grace, new song, skillet, candle box, and my all time fave....[B]DISTURBED!!!!![B]

xenahorse's picture
Joined: Sep 2005

Hey now, lets not dis the Beatles! They were an incredible band...and paved the way for many of today's bands!

And there's nothing wrong with liking older music...

The hardest thing about riding horses is the ground
[=1]Made by moi^:D[/

insanebill1's picture
Joined: Feb 2008

well hey now... im not dissin anyone...im just sayin that they aint exactly a band that anyone listens to anymore. you dont c too many ppl w/ beatles songs on thier i-pods cranked loud


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