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>.> <.< Hmm, never thought I would be here......

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>.> <.< Hmm, never thought I would be here......

Name: Michael Price
Country: USA
State: MD

I'm simply an AP student that attempting to survive.....I'm not good at US HIstory and it's not that hard but......it's vry difficult. I'm a video gamer that will play any game at any cost (except for money, my soul, and grades.). I'm hard working but I lack greatly at organization skills.......I wish to truly live in Japan to learn more of the culture and to find something better for me than what I'd find at home. I'm generally nice and up for anything and I care way too much at times. Hopefully I can fit in and get some assistance for the rest of my school life and afterwards.

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Welcome Shippo, hope you put our site to good use :)

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Ask a Mod if you need any help or have any problems, we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hey, I just joined & I probably would have gone crazy if it hadn't been for this site. I can finally get some sleep...kinda. Lemme know if u need any help.
PS just a little something that I found really helpful: take the tests on the site before your actual test in class, it helped me loads

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Welcome Shippo!

I'm sure you'll survive APUSH somehow. Just keep in mind that 60% on the AP Exam gets you a five. If you have questions about essays or topics, feel free to ask. Someone will generally be there to answer you. I'm always willing to give help in any area where it's needed. Well, if I know about it, but if I don't I'll find someone who does. Anyways, good luck with your class (and finals are coming up soon or have already come, so extra luck for those)!

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