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Figure I'd introduce myself, instead of lurking

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Figure I'd introduce myself, instead of lurking

Alright everyone,I figured I'd introduce myself even though I've been lurking here a good 3 months now. My real name is Jack, I'm a junior at HHS in calvert county, maryland and I have a horrible habit of playing too much dungeons and dragons with my friends (nothing too unusual for a kid who has played games since he could hold a controller). I enjoy gaming (all sorts, hardcore and non), Pen and Paper rpg's, star wars, anime, genetics and other science. I would like to attend UC Berkeley or MIT/Harvard, where I would major in genetics, most likely genetic engineering. Currently I work in the UMD dinman lab on various projects to get myself the credit I'll need for a great college to recognize me. I'm also an extremely conservative republican (think Anne coulter, but farther right) and I love a good political debate. I'm also a devout methodist christian and I listen to a lot of rock and metal, including some christian bands like underoath, norma jean, Showbread, Mordecai, Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage.

As for my signature and name here, Dark Elves are notorius for being evil SOB's that would torture/maim/kill/eviscerate/burn/destroy whatever they see that isn't like them."Nekulor" translates to english meaning a "lord of death and decay".

Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about me. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Dread Lord Nekulor Dyrr- Archlich, evil mastermind, community-minded individual and republican. Do not be fooled by the evil, dark elven avatar. I mean buisness.

Official forum necromancer
"Raising dead discussion since 2000"

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I like to lurk some places. namely just 4chan though.

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