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Well I am just gonna say hey. I am from Auburn California and am currently avoiding actually reading history, I mean it's winter break I shouldn't have to do all this homework but oh well. Anyway my APUS history class is on chapter 23-24, we go 2 at time, and I have managed to get an A on the last 2 tests so yay. My teacher is soooo awesome because if we get a 3 or better on the AP test he changes both semester grades to A's, but I am still gonna get A's the first time through. We haven't done many essays yet but I think we will be starting on that pretty soon. The AP test is in about 120 school days so ahhh :eek: . ya'all should tell me about your classes too. hows it going and all....

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Welcome to course-notes!

I completely understand about doing homework over break, it's horrible. Just think in college, you don't have classes that go over breaks, so be happy! That's cool about the A's though. My AP Calc teacher took everyone who passed out to dinner. I'm not in APUSH right now, but I'll be glad to help you out when I can. It's gonna be a busy semester what with competitions, finals, standardized tests, and AP tests. Good luck to you! Ask if you need anything and don't hesitate to answer when it's something you know. :D

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Welcome :) Glad to have you here:)

I'm in college right now, and as pianogirl said its SOOOO NICE not having work to do over break. Not to mention the breaks are longer. I've been done with school since Dec 9th and then I flew home to Chicago on the 13th. I dont go back until the 15th of jan!!! :)


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