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I'm new on this site, my name is Ashley. I decided to take AP US History this year and i don't think i am liking the work load or the teacher all that much.

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Welcome to the site Ashley! Sorry about the workload, but if you want some help or advice for studying, feel free to contact me or post a thread saying so in the forums! I know about bad teachers myself. I hope we can help you!

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Hey, welcome to the forums. Stick around, it'll all work out in the end.

Personally, I ended up with a D in my APUSH class...I'm a straight "A" student but now I am in college and trust me, I do not regret that class at all. While it was tough, right now college seems like a piece of cake compared to that class. In fact in my History 110 class (20th Century America) we are going over stuff I learned in AP and while others are sitting in the lecture hall with blank stares and frantically taking notes, I'm there just chilling and remebering everything.

The class helps, trust me. It will be a tough year do not get me wrong and the class may not be for everybody, but I personally recommend that you stick with it.

If you need anything, anything at all, drop me a line. I got MSN, AIM, email, and the Private Message system on here.

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