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Joined: Oct 2007

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Location: California

Job: bakery--front counter girl

Future Job: museum curator

Enjoys: thunderstorms, school dances, tennis, jane austen, partying le night away, pizza, dj'ing, getting dressed up, skiing, one tree hill/gossip girl/etc., concert band (clarinet and bassoon), singing really loudly when no one else is around, photography, journalism, party planning, egypt, the discovery channel, drawing, facebook, making money, driving

Is Bugged By: whiners, hypocrites, patrick swayze, telenovela, Danielle Steele, the Religious Right

AP/Honors Classes: Trig, World History, US History, Rhetoric

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Joined: Jun 2007

woohoo...i'm a 16-year-old junior from cali too...i live in sc, and you?

nice to meet you, elizabeth....welcome to cnotes!

hope you find all that you need here...if not, just call us up!! ;)

haha...well, i love to do all the things you do too...except band...cause i'm terrible at instruments!! hopefully i'll learn to be better...:p

hope to hear more from you soon! and you have a really nice sn!!

take care and good luck with your courses!!

[=2][I][=Comic Sans MS]Smile and stay happy, there'll always be someone out there that's waiting to care for you. Even when life gets hard, all you have to do is try even harder!

[=Teal]Work hard, but let's play h

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Joined: Sep 2007

WOOTS! You play Bassoon! You rock!!! ^^

Clarinet was my first instrument... Now it's gathering dust in my bookshelf -.-'' replaced by a trombone.. oh wells.

Anyways, hiya, My name's Krista and I'm a Sophomore taking Apush This semester, so nice meeting you. =D

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

[=DarkOrange][=2]my ap equilavent courses:
ib art; ib math sl; ib english

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