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Intro to myself

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Intro to myself

Okay, so this year I'm a sophmore in my highschool. I am currently taking APUSH and getting ready for the AP exam (lots of fun, right? ;) ).I plan on taking 3 AP classes next year, Bio, Gov, and English. Anyway, in school I'm in the National Honor society and the Marching Band. Our Marching band, the Marching Hurricanes, just recently placed 2nd out of 25 bands on the atlantic coast (Atlantic coast championships a.k.a. ACC's.) This year we plan on first and our theme is, "Video Killed the Radio Star." We actually get to perform 2 duran duran songs, "Thriller", and a few others so it should be freaking amazing. If you're wondering what I play, I'm in the color guard. Along with all my other free time (not xD), I own and train my own horse. I really like to show, ride english, and compete in mainly dressage shows (the really fancy stuff.) So, that's it for me just about.

"Life without horses...I don't think so"
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im a sophmore this year to and im in AP European history. im planning on taking AP ush, AP psychology, AP environmental science, and AP spanish next year.hope good luck on placing 1st with your band this year. Welcome to course notes.

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Welcome to the site. It's always good to see that band is still going strong. :) Good luck with your AP exams.


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