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Newbie here

Hey guys I'm a junior at a school in southern California. This year I'm taking two AP courses: chemistry and US History. I love both clases. For chemistry what can I say i'm a science guy lol.

As for APUSH I love analyzing the history of our past and I love engaging in intellectual discussions with my friends and families.

I hoping to learn a lot from this site (how to study better and be successful). Thanks everyone the site looks great!

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Welcome to Course-Notes, HeroOfTime5!

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Hey I'm a Junior from Virginia and I'm thaking the same AP courses. Most of my friends told me that I was crazy when I signed up for AP Chem but I'm surviving so far. I really wanted to take AP Bio, but I'm a lot better at math than memorizing facts so I went with Chem.


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Welcome, welcome HeroOfTime5! Debate is fun, ne?

Well, if you need any help, don't hesitate to post or ask! (W/e!)

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i'm a junior in GA and im also taking ap us history (which im like failing cuz i hate history), ap chem, ap lang., and ap calc ab. chem is great and educational. im not into analyzing materials, especially history. but i did manage to pass the ap world exam with a 4.

;) Amy

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