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I'm a high school junior from West Texas
I love music. I play classical guitar and some piano (though not too fond of the latter). I'm laid back, but sometimes I freak out, like the occasional student who...uhhh--procrastinates? Supposedly I work better under pressure, bull! I gotta stop being so lazy
I took the SAT last June and will take it again cuz I didnt do too well (hopefully a Princeton Review course I plan to take will help)

I'm on the Speech & Debate team, German Club, Pre-Law Club, and PAWS...officer in two of those--I plan to start a Democratic Club by the end of this semester.

I am currently in AP US Hist and I love the class and happen to have a great teacher...unfortunately I failed the first 6-weeks but I'm doing a lot better now. :) I'm in AP English 3 and took AP W Hist last year. I'm going to try to convince my counselor to open an AP European History class next year and get a good teacher to lead it. I hope to major in Political Science at Syracuse, U North Texas, American, Boston U, or anywhere decent that accepts me...then I'll go on to Law School. (Berkeley) Yay
Message me, if you wish, talk to me...I'm a nice person haha

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Hello MeZan! *pouncetackles in greeting* Welcome to the site!

BTW, what's PAWS?

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Others not have way.

:D Proud to be a Furry!!!! :D

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Welcome to the site!

I hear 'ya on the procrastinating part. I have a test today....yeah....it's 5 am and I should probably start studying for them. Sounds like you got a nice list of extra curriculars there, I'm sure the decent universities will love you. Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to post in the forum. Just make sure to read the forum rules, or you'll get Shadow'd. Basically you'll get your thread closed and a sarcastic comment. Plus, I'm sure he has some list somewhere, you may be put on it. But follow the rules and you'll be fine. Heck, he may even help you with something. Welcome again! :o

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