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hi guys i'm new (obviously) i signed up because i got really lazy reading my ap. us hist. book and i really need notes to help with the worksheets my teacher assigned me and these notes can help for my quizzes and tests

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:p haha...welcome to cnotes! and i know what you mean, i feel the same way with my APUSH book...i hope you find all that you need here...if you dont, feel free to hit us up!!! ;)

btw, my name is phuong and i am currently a junior in high school so once again nice to meet you and welcome welcome welcome to this lovely and friendly site full of family!!! hahah....glad to have you join in with the fun!!! :cool:

hope to hear more from you soon!! take care and good luck with everything!! :D

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Hey, welcome!

I'm sure everyone here feels the same about the APUSH book- I know that I fell asleep WAY too many times to count when reading it before. But we can really help you here- just remember that there's only so much you can learn without picking the book up.

Hope to see you around.

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Hiya! Well, the book is boring. Amazing how they can make some as interesting as War boring.

But anyways, my name's Krista and I hope you can stick arond. If you can't find outlines or practice quizzes for a book or just need help, you can ask me. =D

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