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Advice for next year...?

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Advice for next year...?

Next year I'll be a junior and I need advice for what to take, AP-wise.

I also do sports and an instrument, if that infulences it at all.

I'm thinking about...

I'll also be taking Honors...
-English 11

-Advanced orchestra
-Spanish 4
-possible others...?

Am I committing academic suicide if I do all of these?
I already do all Honors and two APs (it was all I was allowed to take).
I just need help!!!

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Well, let me say that I think the difficulty of the classes is going to depend on you. So I can't tell you what to take, but I can give you a short run-down of the work for these classes - or as I interpret it as.

  • AP Chem - Chem is no so much about memorizing a ton of stuff, it's more like here are some polyatomic ions, here are some equations, figure out how to use them to solve these problems and figure out what products come from this reaction. So if you're good at implementing what you've learned then this is for you.
  • AP Bio - I've not actually taken Bio, but from what I hear (please correct me if I'm wrong) it's mostly memorization where you learn a lot of information and have to remember and then make predictions maybe and use some of the equations that they give you. Again, I haven't taken it, but it's a lot more memorization.
  • AP Stats - I haven't taken this class either, but I hear that it's labor intensive. It's not hard, but the problems are long - or so the rumor was. Personally I don't think I'd like Stats because it would bore me, but eh, to each his own.
  • AP Lang - Along with Honors English if you take this class you're going to be reading lots of stories/books and writing about as many essays depending on the teacher. If you like reading and essay writing, or if you're good at them then go for it - you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
  • AP Gov - I haven't taken this class either, but I hear it's lots of memorizing court cases and writing essays. <.<.....>.>.....*asks for help*. That's all I really got on this subject. It wasn't really all that hard at my school - it was only a semester long. That's all I got....

And no, I don't think it's necessarily academic suicide. Others have tried with success. You just have to be prepared for long nights, large work load, and a good sense of time management. And remember, we're always here to help those in need!

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