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Advice on junior year classes!!

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Joined: Mar 2008
Advice on junior year classes!!

I'm a sophomore right now, going into junior year, and this is what I'm signed up for right now:

AP Gov't & Politics
AP Art History

Honors Chemistry
Honors English III
Honors Spanish IV

w/ regular Algebra II (math = horrid), and some easy other elective course, whichever isn't too crowded to get into.

All I did this year was Honors English II and APUSH.

Is this too much to do in junior year?? :/ Advice, anyone?

In junior year...


AP Gov & Politics
AP Art History

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Joined: Dec 2007

i don't think that would be too hard to manage, it's definitely possible. just make sure you manage your time right.

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Joined: Feb 2008

I agree with Nymcha421. Quite possible, yet lots of time management required.

Good Luck!

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