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anyone in AP FRENCH

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Joined: Oct 2007
anyone in AP FRENCH

i am currently getting owned in ap french.
sighh...I skipped french 4 honors...jumping straight from 3 to five.
bad idea...:(
any tips on how to survive?!?!

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haha...Bonjour et Enchantee!

Je Regrette Beaucoup, mais I am not in AP French even though my professeur treats me as though I am..and being the VP of the Cercle Francais doesn't help that matter at all whatsoever.

What may be the problems with Le langue de francais...

well, the best I can advise to you is to study on your own time...my teacher can teach, but she isn't a native from France..she is actually from Canada...so her french isn't that perfect...

But hey, we can always talk about french if you ever need something...I promise to always be free and waiting with open arms to help you with anything you need. :p

euh, d'accord...j'ai besoin de faire mes devoirs maintenant....a bientot! et bonne chance....

hope all becomes better. :p

[=2][I][=Comic Sans MS]Smile and stay happy, there'll always be someone out there that's waiting to care for you. Even when life gets hard, all you have to do is try even harder!

[=Teal]Work hard, but let's play h

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Well, I'm not in AP French, but I am studying for the AP German exam. What my teacher is having me do to help improve my German vocab/reading/writing skills is to read German newspapers online. It does help to see, read, and speak the language more. Also, you can try the website quia.com and search under activities for any that are French. It may help. I don't know if there are any French ones, but the German ones are good. Hope this helps.


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