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Do i have a chance??

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Joined: Nov 2007
Do i have a chance??

Im a junior this year and im in Ap us history and ap bio and have been doing pretty well. But, i screwed up freshmann and sophomore year and got mostly b's and c's. This year i have A's and B's and i plan on getting all A's by semester. Also, I am taking classes at community college and have gotten 2 A's so far and im taking a couple more this year and over summer and i plan on gettting a's. hopefully. With all of this, do i have a chance at:
UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
UC Santa Cruz
UC Davis

I know I still have to take the SAT's but grades wise, is this acceptable?


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This might sound a bit off-track, but what state do you live in? Because I've heard that it is very hard to get into a UC college if you don't live in California. I could be wrong, though...it's just that I've been told by others that it's best to transfer there as a graduate student.

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xoxo, I think the colleges only look for an overall GPA, it doesn't matter as much for the each year gpas, so don't stress too much.

and if you score extremely high on your SATs, the colleges will most likely allow the scores to balance out.

best wishes and good luck with all your classes!

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you shouldn't have a problem. they should be able to see that your grades have greatly improved.

:pLife is to short to have regrets, so live it up!:D

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yeah what someone said about not being from california is defiinately a chief factor in getting accepted to uc schools. berkeley is basically impossible if your not from california.

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random, but do you live in CA?

anyways, this is actually not that bad. if you are doing better your junior year then your freshman year then you are on a good track

colleges really see how you do your junior year because that is when you do most of your hard classes and SATs

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