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How do I study? Read more.

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How do I study? Read more.

My grades are not well atm, 3.2
I know my grades can be 3.5 - 3.7

It's a big jump, but I know I can make it
My parents took away my videogames but I don't get how it makes me study

In all my subjects except Biology (regular) and Geometry, I CAN UNDERSTAND what they are teaching by reading and paying attention

When it comes to Bio and Geo
- utter bs. :(

I pay attention, and zone out because of lack of interest or something
It's just when i'm in those TWO classes, I just like feel that I'm not in the same room.
If I read the book like twice or so, I won't be able to get it in those subjects

I can't get the fuggn proofs or bio stuff
small 7 question quizzes messing up my grades

I can't probably learn the way they are teaching me (in those classes)
Any tips on how I could raise my grades?

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First of all, let me start off by saying geometry is the worst, most boring, math subject you will take in your life. The only good thing about geometry is that it's the only class that you'll do proofs in... after that, you're free. Normally what I did before a test in that class was do like all the homework problems that were assigned during the course of the chapter... this helps because if you spend your time on each problem, you know everything that can be on the test (the teacher will only test you on the problems you have done before, and looking over homework is the best solution)...

As for biology, I can't really help you there because I like bio so I did well in the class. All I will say though is look over the notes like the day before the exam and spend about a week rereading the chapters you're going to be tested on...

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