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How would someone self learn Psychology?

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Joined: Jun 2008
How would someone self learn Psychology?

I really want to take the AP test for this, but I don't have space on my schedule. What books are good to use to learn about this topic?

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Joined: May 2008

Well to start out with, find a good AP review book, I recommend Five Steps to A Five, or some kind of Princeton Review Book.

Find information on some of the most common mental illnesses, and the most influential psychologists in each branch of psychology, plus study those branches.

Learning the etymology of the word psychology as well. Psyche=soul/mind logy= study of, so psychology is the study of the soul/mind.

Try to join an online course, maybe.

Sorry, this is the best advice I can give you. Hope others can throw in their cents too.


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Joined: Jul 2008

I heard Barron's is a really really good prep book

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Joined: Sep 2008

Thanks, I will have to checkout Barron's.

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When I was in college reading books is a must in order to survive on each subjects, so many books so little time, one of the way to understand is to have a study group, your group is gonna read a certain book and after that try to throw opinion on each other, focus on things you don't really understand or statement that you are curious to know, and jot down notes if you must. There is no easy way in studying but there are many ways understand it. Or you can set schedule for your own, plan studying on a certain subject each day, this will relieve pressure and stress to you. One step at a time , try
accomplishing things each day,hope this help,good luck.

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Berkeley and MIT OpenCourseWare both have courses (podcast) on Intro to Psychology. And I know the Berkeley has more courses (ie Buddhist Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Human Emotions, and Clinical Psychology). So maybe those would be of some help

I personally really like the MIT Intro to Psych, it was funny and entertaining.

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Joined: Oct 2008

i'm considering taking a self study of psychology...i heard it's the easiest AP?...is it true?

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