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My college chances

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My college chances

Here are my top 4 choices for schools (in no particular order):
Vanderbilt, MIT, Stanford, and Brown.

I was wondering what my chances are in getting into any of these schools. For some reason, my school uses each semester grade in figuring your 4.0 GPA(I just came to this school this year) so I have a few B's.

Freshman Year:
Honors Biology, Honors English I, Honors Ancient History(some weird class they had), Honors Geometry, Innovations and Inventions, Career Management Success, Principles of Business, Spanish I. All A's.

No Clubs.

Sophomore Year:
Honors Chemistry, Honors English II, Honors Algebra II, Theater Arts I, .5 Gym Credit, .5 Health Credit, Spanish II, Spanish III, AP Statistics. All A's except B's in both semesters of Stats.

I did TSA, and I got a 3 on the AP exam for Stats.

Junior Year(this year):
AP English III, AP World History, AP Chemistry, Honors Geography(taking the AP exam, and this class is required to graduate at my new school), Honors Pre-Calculus, .5 Communication Applications, .5 Honors Pathophysiology credit, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, Health Science Technology I. I plan to make pretty decent grades on my AP exams this year except maybe english lol.

I am also doing credit by exam for Web Mastery and US History(may take APUSH next year, but it would be such a waste of money for the textbook I already bought lol). All A's but 1 B in the first semester of AP English III.

Clubs: HOSA(chapter president), Helping Humanities(Secretary), UIL team member.

Later I will post my plans for senior year. My GPA is 3.85, and here class rank goes by number averages in classes all averaged together, and I am ranked 5th in my class.

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What about your SAT/ACT scores? I didn't see you put them in there. Those play a big factor in applying for colleges.

It seems as though you're pretty well rounded and challenging yourself with your classes so thats obviously a plus. So just keep doing what you're doing! :)

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I agree with Chris, you're SAT and ACT scores are important, but you do look to be in pretty good shape.

Also, and you probably already know this, but AP human geography is very different from regular geography, it's not about where places are but why they are the way they are and such. Just a thought...

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Yes, my teacher teaches World Geography and Human Geography (although I do a lot of self-study as well). Also I have yet to take my SAT and ACT =(

I am taking the June SAT I think and then take ACT in the summer. I am pretty good at standardized tests so I am hoping to do well.

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