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Yet another thread concerning next year

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Yet another thread concerning next year

If, by any chance, you've read something like this on SparkNotes, yes, I'm that guy.

So I'm a junior, going on senior next school year. I'm currently taking English 3, although Honors English is offered to juniors. However, juniors in regular English can still take AP English next year, if they're strong in reading and writing. My English teacher says I'll be okay in the class, saying that my writing's strong, not to mention I've been getting A's in my English class so far. However, I've heard that a "revered" teacher who is currently teaching AP English won't be teaching it next year, but I hope it won't hinder me too much...

Next year, I'm planning on taking AP Physics B, AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC, Spanish 3, and probably AP Comparative Government coupled with a semester of Economics (seniors are required to take a semester of a government class (usually US Government, and AP US Government is not offered)). I'll probably be in Band as well. My school offers a relatively large number of AP classes, which leads to some more competition. I know juniors who are taking 3 to 4 AP classes this year, and planning on taking even more the next year. Also, I kind of feel that not being able to take an honors class for a foreign language might be a disadvantage to me, as a normal senior at my school will be taking Honors foreign language, if not, AP, next year (unless they choose not to or can't take the next foreign language class).

So under these circumstances, do you think I should take AP English Lit? And while we're at it, think I should also take AP Comparative Government? Although these AP classes aren't really integral to a major I'm interested in (something like Pre-Med or Biology), I believe they can help me in terms of... oh... analysis and writing. I've demonstrated proficiency in my high school career so far, having gotten a 5 on my AP Bio exam and currently acing my classes (which include AP Calculus AB, AP Chem, and an unofficial AP Computer Science A), so there's that.

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Right now, I'm going for taking AP English. However, I've heard that the teacher who is teaching the class next year is really strict. I've heard that (almost) no student in the teacher's classes has received an A, and that very few have received B's. As much as I'm interested in the course, which I believe can be helpful to college-bound students, I don't want my GPA to drop down if I get a C or below. I suppose it won't help that I'm not currently taking Honors English.

There might be the possiblity that the teacher may grade differently with AP English students, as those students are generally better at English than the teacher's average students. Also, I couldn't help but feel great regret not taking Honors English this year. I don't really want to experience the same regret next year. Some advice? I should just take AP English? Or I should just take regular English, and switch, oh... Band for AP Psychology (an alternate course I've been considering)? Also consider that I can't take any honors or AP foreign language classes, since I'm only in the second year right now.

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If you like english, go for it. I have friends in AP English right now, and though they don't get perfect grades, I think they like the class overall. If the school offers an Honors English class for whatever grade you are going into (I'm assuming either 11 or 12) you might want to think about taking that.
I would definately not reccomend dropping band. If it's something that you really like it can be a good stress reliever, which you will probably need.

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I somehow missed the first post. That changes a lot.

You seem to be taking a serious number of AP classes, and you're lucky that your school offers such a variety. If you are thinking of a more science-related major, then you might want to stick with regular English (I stand by my earlier comment about Honors, if applicable). In my school, we have 4 levels of English for grades 11 and 12. Theres regular, cp (college-prep, which is what most kids take) honors, and AP. I'm not sure if it's the same elsewhere.

And keep band. I don't know how many classes your schedule allots for each day, but it will be a good GPA boost if nothing else.

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I guess that helps. By the way, Honors English is a class only for juniors, and since I'm a junior in regular English...

I'm not sure if Band is really a stress-reliever (hint, teacher), but I'll think about your suggestions.

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sometimes you have to take risks. I took AP lang my junior year and got my only B+ of my current high school career. I do think it was worth it though. You learn alot. I don't know how your teacher will be but my teacher didn't give out alot of homework but when she does it is usually writing essays and such

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I think you should take the AP English course. It really is helpful in learning how to get your point across, which, if you're going into science, you'll need. Plus, if you ace the AP test, you can get a portion of you collegiate English courses outa the way, leaving room for more classes towards your major, and less money spent.

Politics, is an interesting course, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, just drop the AP and go into US government; otherwise that's up to you.

It doesn't seem like you can do much about your lack of honors foreign languages, however, colleges prefer three years of a foreign language to two years of an honors foreign language, so don't worry too much there.

AP Psychology, at my school, is much easier than band. You learn a good deal, and as long as you do your reading, making a good grade is not hard. Plus, you would have more time to devote to your other AP classes if you dropped band, because, at my school, students practice every other day after school for about four hours and early mornings on weekends. This really cuts into time for studying and homework, and those APs give a lot of homework.
(The AP Stat class at my school gives a chapter of homework a night!)

I hope this helps, I'm not concerned about GPA and grades, so my post may not be what you're looking for, but it is from another perspective, and, therefore, useful.


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I say do whatever makes you sweat. I have a busy year coming up and you just got to go with things. It will turn out right if you push yourself.

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That is so true. That is what college is all about challenge and overcoming it.

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Do take AP English. My school, about 100 students have just as rigorous a course as you do, and our applications will be next to yours. Challenge yourself!

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that's a lot of AP...:D
hopefully i can do the same as you...currently i take

AP World History( the only AP available for sophomores in my school)
English Honors
Chemistry Honors
Math B2 Honors

next year i want to take:

AP U.S History
AP Physics
AP Language
Pre-calculus Honors( i don't think u can take AP straight from Math B Honors)

how hard will those classes be guys?

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