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Database Error

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Database Error

I don't see any other topics about it, so I hope it's something that can be easily fixed, because it's giving me huge problems. Nine out of ten times when I try to load a page, I get a "database error" page. It happens on every section of the site.

For example, I am taking AP US History practice quizzes right now. It's taking about 30 minutes to complete each one, solely because of the database errors (it would take less than 5 minutes otherwise). The number 9/10 for the amount of times there is a database error is not an exaggeration. It's really messing up the site and if it can't be fixed I will probably have to find somewhere else, which I really don't want to have to do since this place seems great. It is just very frustrating when pages rarely load.

Not only does it cause me to be unable to get to the next question, but sometimes the database errors cause me to restart. For example, I was on question 8 of a quiz and now I am on question 3 again. Then, at times, it will skip questions, so when I get to the end it will be unchecked even though I had previously answered it.

Please, if anyone knows how to fix this, tell me! It's sooo frustrating; I just can't stand it! I think it's a bit ridiculous that 9/10 times the page can't even load, and it takes 30 minutes to complete a quiz (based on three quizzes I've taken). This does not seem like a common issue, so I hope there is a solution! And this is nothing against the site; I am very thankful for the site and I think it is a great resource! It is just frustrating because I am not able to utilize this great resource because the "database errors" prohibit me from finishing quizzes or visiting pages.

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