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AP Exam Review

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AP Exam Review

I'm a senior in high school, and my AP Bio teacher is teaching this class for the first time and, while she's trying her best and the students who actually want to take the AP Exam in May love her for it, I can't help but feel that there could be something more that we could be doing to review. Going over the outlines and going through flashcards are a given, but what else could we be doing?

I have no experience with an AP class before this year, and this year I'm taking two (AP Calculus AB being the other one). Can anyone suggest a website that has sample exams or a list of common mistakes to avoid, or even sample essay questions? Anything you give me would be a great help, to me and the rest of my class doing review for the Exam. Thanks in advance! :)

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Don't stress too much about it. Just do as many example questions as you can and review your notes.

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Thanks. I wouldn't say I was stressing that much about the multiple choice, but I'm really worried about the essay questions on the test since I'm terrible about putting down what doesn't need to be there and not putting down what does. Maybe I am stressing too much...

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This is a good site I use to practice the Bio essays from previous AP Bio exam essay questions. There are also the standards or "answers" to what the essays should contain.

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The AP Central website from collegeboard contains previous exams from 1999~current, including all free-response questions. They also have answers in the scoring guidelines.
Take those tests as practice, and it'll be a great review.

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Does Anyone Know A Site Where You Can Take Practice Ap Bio Tests Online?
Nyhtin Wld Be Helpful

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