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Best Way to study Bio?

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Best Way to study Bio?

Whats the best way to study? I heard biology is 90 percent vocab, is that true? Will studying vocab help most or drawing out pictures and diagrams?

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not really, you have to understand how every system works because that is critical for the essays in the AP Bio exam


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Its not so much vocab as knowing and understanding the relationships between the different terms. For example, realizing what the differences are between things and how they are correlated.

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understanding how everything relates to each other is very important. Even though understanding the key concepts is very important you should also study the overview of everything and how they all interact with esch other because everything is pretty much tied together.

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the connections are wonderfull things man

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I figured out pretty eary in the year that AP Bio was going to be a bit of a joke, and unfortunatly the stigma has stayed. I figure the best I can do to learn the info for the test (as it is unimparative to do so for the class, I have over a 300% right now...?!?!?!) is to break apart the chapters into the basic functions, and memorize them so I understand how everything works, and hopefully can put it all together and figure it out on the test. Like for chaps. 1-5 are all on the chemistry part of bio with the hydrocarbons, and water molecules galore, just understanding which systems do, hold, are made of what... I find multiple worksheets asking basically the same thing to learn the info. But that's just me, hope you can figure it out.

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I prefer watching lectures and animations to understand concepts.
http://www.learnerstv.com is a site I frequently visit. It has hundreds of free video lectures and nice animations plus lots of free e-book downloads. I prefer this site

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