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Can i self study AP Bio???

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Can i self study AP Bio???

I am entering Freshmen year, and my classes are biology, geometry, advanced english, and spanish II. Could i self study AP Bio? Is it that hard? My school's website is www.alisoniguel.net


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if your school offers ap bio then diffinately take it your junior or senior year (or even next year if you're feeling ambitious).

if it doesn't, wait to see how you do during regular bio. if you still want to self study ap, then talk to your bio teacher for help or find a local school that teaches it and ask if you can borrow a text book, class notes, etc. or maybe even a local college with a 101 course (you don't have to take it at the college but maybe there will be a friendly and helpful teacher or grad student willing to aid you)

what ever you do don't take regular bio and self study at the same time its pretty much impossible.

personally, i'm going to be a senior in september and taking ap bio. i have already taken regular bio & chem, and ap chem. if you need any help just ask.

best of luck, hope this was helpful.

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I seriously doubt it. It's the hardest AP exam... Even kids who take the actual class and do an additional two hours of studying each night barely scrape by with 3s. It requires a lot of time and a really good base knowledge of biology- which you get from a teacher. Good luck anyway though.

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I agree... bio is considered the hardest AP exam...
It has been made harder a few years ago, too (100 MC instead of 120 MC questions - but they made the questions much harder)

I would not suggest self-studying for any AP exam unless you have very good background in the subject (transferred from an IB school or something) or you are taking a certain AP class and are self-studying a related AP class

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I know plenty about what I'm talking about... have you read any articles about the AP exams? There's a pretty general consensus about it.

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I'm going to weigh in here and say that some people learn bio better than others. Biology is a lot of memorization and keeping things straight. My brain is not wired for that - I deal best in physics where you put the right formulas in the right places which is very tricky sometimes, but you don't deal with massive amounts of information that must be remembered (much of that information in latin) and recalled at a moment's notice. Not to mention the dissecting and the exact locations and all.

I will say I have not taken AP Bio, I haven't taken Bio in college, I dont intend to - especially since I've learned that they've re-organized the entire kingdom organization system since I last took it. There are some people who will breeze by it if you have a good memory. If you have a sporadic memory like mine that forgets things a day after something happens and recalls it three days later, it's going to take a lot of effort to keep everything in your head.

If you do self study, or even if you're just taking the class, I highly urge you to keep a notebook of everything you've learned so that it will be easier to go back and refresh the knowledge that you've learned. I also urge you to refresh often so you don't get to the end of the year and have the 3/4 of your notes be semi-foreign to you. Also, good luck!!

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