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Need help with knowledge of how animals colonized land?

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Need help with knowledge of how animals colonized land?

Hello everyone!

First time poster, hopefully you guys can help me! I have a test tomorrow which will have multiple choice part and two essay questions. My teacher strongly hinted that one of the essay questions would be about how animals colonized land. The unit we're in is chapters 32-34 in the 8th edition campbells text book. I'm by no means asking anyone to do my homework for me or anything like that! I've read all the chapters, but for some reason I can't really formulate any ideas in detail as to how they colonized the land. I know it had to do with all the adaptations( solidification of cartilage, hinged jaws, more hox genes, etc) but I have a feeling he's expecting more detail than that. So if anyone could just set me off on the right direction, that'd be great!


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