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need opinion on taking AP Bio

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need opinion on taking AP Bio

I was considering taking AP Bio as an indep. study. With our school not offering AP Euro history, i'm also taking Euro History as an indep. study. AP Bio is full at this point and I want to know your guys opinions. How hard is the course and do you think that one can grasp the concepts/pass the exam without taking the actual course.

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Quite a few of the concepts are pretty tough to grasp even with a teacher guiding you- and since you're already taking a really hard (or so I've heard) AP class as an indep, I'd either try to get into the class at school or take it next year. I really strongly suggest against taking it as an indep if you've got another hard one lined up as well.

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In my opinion, the easiest AP classes are definately the social-studies related ones. AP Euro history, American history, US gov, or Comparitive Politics are, I believe, simple classes. With social studies, you never have to worry about not being able to fully grasp a concept, so therefore it is very possible to IStudy a AP Euro History. As long as you study hard and do your hw, you'll be fine in that.

AP Bio is a 2-hour class for me, and it is considered the easiest out of the 3 ap sci classes offered at my school. But there will be difficult concepts, you can count on that. It is never a good idea to IStudy a class that will be difficult concept wise.

You can consider ind. studying AP Euro History, but I strongly reccomend you dont IStudy ap bio. That would just be insanely difficult. Try to squeeze it in, or wait till next year to do it. Talk to your Guidance Counselor. Another good idea would simply be to wait it out. I GUARANTEE you that people will be dropping like flies out of ap bio in the first week of the course. A spot may open, so dont fret.

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mm personally, I having a hard time in the class but if you are into bio and its easy for you to grasp concepts with bio then you may be able to pull if off.

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