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Urgent AP Bio Help!

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Urgent AP Bio Help!

OK, so I have a terrible teacher and although the AP test is almost over we're just doing lab 9 (transpiration) and it's due tomorrow...we had no pre-lab except a packet, we were allowed no time to ask questions before the lab, and his "policy" is that you're not allowed to ask questions once you're IN the lab.
Once we got out of the lab we we're allowed to ask questions either, and the packet that he gave us was sort of unclear so we were pretty much all left to battle it out for ourselves.
Anyway, what I'm trying to find out is if my answers are even right (or at least close to it). Does anyone else have results they can share/verify with me? I'll do my best to make a little chart here so you can see mine...our plant (rhodedendron, which I know is going to have different results than other plants but I don't know HOW different) with a plastic bag (a gray grocery bag--thanks, "prof") over it to create a misty environment. I'm guessing from what I know that our results should show the least amount of transpiration?
OK, so...It's probably not going to line up, but I'll try.

0min 3 6 9 12 15 18 21.....etc
Reading (mL) 95 92 91 90.5 90 90 89 89
H2O Loss (mL) 0 3 1 .5 .5 0 1 0
Loss per m^2 0 .0036 .0108 .0217 .0217 0 .0108 0

Other people had greater decreases on the potometer but then I calculated less water loss per meter squared than on mine...? At this point I honestly don't care that much, and that's odd for me. Oh well. Does anyone have any good insight on this?

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