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When should I take AP BIO?

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When should I take AP BIO?

I kind of want to take AP Bio next year... but I am going to be taking Chemistry and European History,too.

I have heard many opinions, most people do not suggest taking AP Bio with those two classes on my schedule, but I also talked to a girl and she told me that she took the AP exam without taking the class.

So could I get some advices on what I should do? I have a pretty solid A in my Bio class right now. Do you think I can take the workload of all those three classes? Or should I wait until my junior or senior year? Or, my other option, to study it by myself and take the exam.

If you could give me your opinions and maybe even your experiences at taking European History, Bio AP, and Chemistry, (like what made each of them difficult etc.) that would be great!


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Joined: Apr 2008

i am takin the ap bio
w/o a course 4 it
nd it relli hard studyin on ur own but if ur biolgy course in skwl is sumwut challenging u can take it

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^it won't be as challenging as trying to make sense of what that person said.

i have AP bio, chem, but not european history, i have APUSH instead. in my humble opinion, this year hasn't been that hard at all, as I'm a solid straight A student. no class is hard as long as you put forth the work - or you're a super genius. i really hate these kind of questions, of course i ask them too so no worries =). but so many other factors come into play: are you a good study? how is your work ethic? have you been challenging yourself in your high school career so far?
and how is the staff? people told me i was crazy to attempt my curriculum this year, but i personally feel this i have had phenomenal teachers this year, and that made it easier for me.

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