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AP Chem Brand Review Books

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AP Chem Brand Review Books

So, the AP Chem 2009 exam is coming up. What would you suggest would be a good review book to study from ( Princeton, Barrons, etc.) ?
My goal is to receive a 5.

Also, Is there any ap chem review books that summarize the labs done in the class?


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um so i bought the barron's review book of chem, but i got "five steps to a five" for us history. i got the barrons for chem cuz it had more practice problems in the section breakdown than the five steps. the barrons also was organized the way my text book was. my school all so had the peterson's one in the library, i checked it out and its similar to the barrons.

my advise, go to a bookstore and spend some time looking at it. pick a chapter to read that you have already covered and see if you like it. best of luck.

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I cannot decide between Princeton's McGraw Hill or Barrons
I definetely want to get 5 on that test.
Which one do you guys know would be most similiar to the test???

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Haha. Good luck on getting a 5 on the test :P The national average is a 2. Princeton helped me do really well on the APES test which without it I would not have gotten a high 3 like I did.

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