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AP Physics - Junior or Senior year?

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AP Physics - Junior or Senior year?

Should I take AP Physics as a junior, or save it for my senior year?

Here's classes I've already taken or am taking in math and science:

Honors Geometry
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Alg. II and Trigonometry

I was originally planning to take AP Physics as a junior (next year), but then I heard the AP test is incredibly hard (and I heard this from someone who's really, really smart). This person said that they think it'd be easier for them now that they've learned pre-calculus and calculus.

I want to take Pre-Calc as a junior and some form of Calculus as a senior. Sometime during my high school career, I want to take AP Physics and AP Chemistry. Would it be any easier to take AP Physics as a senior instead of a junior?

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I faced a dilemma similar to this and ended up just taking it this year. Although it is possible to succeed in the class without taking pre-calc, it's much easier if you take both at the same time. There were two students in my class who were taking algebra II at the same time and they dropped before second semester started.

So really, go for it if you really want to do it junior year. It's easier with pre-calc experience but really all it is is just algebra and knowledge of how to rearrange equations.

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I'm taking AP Physics B and Pre-Calc simultaneously as a junior next year, and that's what several people I know did. They said that it wasn't that bad, but it required a lot of focus and worth ethic. Best of luck making your decision!


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I took AP Chem junior year. I recommend taking AP Physics senior year. At my school, only seniors can take it. Is is Physics B or C? Our school has Physics C only. I don't recommend taking them together.

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Take physics as a Senior, but if you have the desire to work a little harder that your fellow Seniors you should take it as a Junior...

Ps Ap Chemistry requires no higher math, so you should take chemisty as a Junior ( if possible)

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Senior. Make sure you've done all the calc you need. There'll be lots of it.

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