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Kinematics on an Incline Plane

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Kinematics on an Incline Plane

We're doing a lab that examines the relationship between velocity and distance traveled on an incline plane. The objective was to prove the 3rd kinematic equation and conclude if our results supported or disproved Galileo when he found that acceleration is constant on an incline plane.

I am lost as to how to find my observed and expected acceleration and how this will somehow prove Galileo. Does anyone remember doing such a lab? If you do any help would be appreciated.

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Wait, you said INCLINED Plane? Kinematic demands a constant acceleration..and there is an increase in acceleration on inclined planes..unless somehow the Uk (Friction) is just enough to cancel out the acceleration. Unless that..it's impossible to apply kinematics. You can do work energy theory for even a free diagram..but kinematic is a big no no

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