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Some Physics Problems....

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APFAq wrote:if you guys realy want me to, I can and will create a Physics site with ALL forumals n descriptions as well as other items included (this shall make your physics class ALOT more easier).

If you do decide to make the website, I'll help you if you would like.

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i Have 3 problems here I need some help on if anyone can do at least one it is much appreciated

1. A ball is thrown straight up. What will be the instantaneous velocity at the top of its path? What will be its acceleration at the top? Why are your answers different?

2. You drive to the city at an average speed of 40 km/h and return at an average of speed of 60 km/h. Find your average speed for the entire trip. Explain why the answer is not 50 km/h.

3. Harry averages 40 km/h for the first half of his car trip. How fast should he drive on the remaining half of the trip to have an average speed of 80 km/h for his trip?

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so you don't just plug everything in to some random equation that's given to you by your teacher? that seems so much more simple than how my teacher is telling me to complete my work!!! thank you so much for the help...:)...and i'll try to help you guys on some questions that i understand...;)

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