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Independent Study | AP Mircoeconomics - BOOK NEEDED [URGENT!]

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Independent Study | AP Mircoeconomics - BOOK NEEDED [URGENT!]


I want to independently study for AP Micro Economics.

Would anyone happen to have a book recommendation to learn/study from? I will have a Economics Teacher to go to if questions should arise.

I am in need of a book/review book that I could use to prety much ace the Test. I would just like to gather a few AP credits before I finish High School, to cut down on the overall number of classes I will need in my Pre-Pharm coursework.

I am economically and financially inclined; so this is why I want to independently study.

Thanks. : D

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Come on! I see this thread has some views!

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I don't really know any great ones, I took it...what, four years ago...but a review book might serve you well (Princeton is generally a good bet, it's a good line of AP reviews), and maybe find a cheap textbook from half.com or talk to the AP econ teacher, they might let you use the text for a semester (my APUSH and AP calc teacher gave me an old text to keep at the end of the year because they were in bad condition, the dept. probably has a few copies to spare if you keep it in good condition).

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I'm taking a Macro Economics Class, and we use the McConnel Brue 16th Edition, I'm sure they have one for Micro as well. It is detailed and everything, although I must say those graphs are confusing and the terms kill me.
Hope it helps.

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