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intro to business

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intro to business

what are some of the things you could do to benefit your community other than providing jobs and tax revenue?

what are some of the signs that you and other people in the United States have a high standard of living? What are some signs that such a high standard of living may be negatively affecting their quality of life?

chapter 2
Why do some librarians make less than some garbage collectors,even though the librarians may have a better education?

chapter 3
Do you think more small business will participate in global trade in the future?
Why or why not?

What prevents developing nations from fully industrializing?

What can businesses do to prevent unexpected problems in dealing with these forces in global markets?

How would you justify the use of either a revenue or protective tariff in today's global market?

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Would be nice if you tell us what chapter 2 and 3 is about

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chapter 2 is how economics affect business
chapter 3 competing in global markets
chapter 4 demonstrating ethical behavior and social responsibility
chapter 5 choosing a form of business ownership
chapter entrepreneurship and starting a small business

that a questionf rom chapter 5
Describe the four main forms of business ownership and share which of these you would consider best for an entreprenuer just starting out.

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Did you answer the question, because its no where to be found?

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