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Er.. I need help with a FRQ

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Er.. I need help with a FRQ

"Compare and contrast the attitudes toward science and technology held by Enlightenment thinkers with the various attitudes held by European artists and intellectuals in the twentieth century."

I'm not asking for you guys to give me information. I'd just like a little help with outlining my seminar. How should I organize the topics and what topics should I be specifically be looking for?

I'd appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Welll here are my quick thoughts on it.:

Enlightenment thinking:
-less religion
-Science is key
-no ignorance, more knowledge

20th century artists and intellectuals:
-the general post-WWI writing of the century (All Quiet on the Western Front, etc.) and its dellusionment of war (due to gas attacks, trench warfare, etc.)
-the development of atomic weaponry from various standpoints

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thanks, I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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