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Protestants vs. Catholics

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Protestants vs. Catholics

Here is my DBQ question:
Using the documents, analyze the differences between Protestants and Catholics in terms of doctrine and practice around the time of the Protestant Reformation led Martin Luther.

I have down some of the ideas that Luther made:
Justification by faith
Bible was only valid source of Christian doctrine
2 sacraments - holy communion and baptism (opposed to Catholic's 7 sacraments)

But I don't know how to separate my body paragraphs in to 3 categories (as in ideas/ topic). Any suggests?

Here are some of the document topics if it helps:
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis
Tetzel and indulgences
picture of a preacher?
Johann Eck, Diet of Worms
Martin Luther responding to Eck, Diet of worms
Twelve Articles - Zwinglian Protestants
New Testament, Ephesians 2:9
Morning Offering, form a Catholic prayer book.

Thanks for any help!

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you don't have to do a five-paragraph paper! i would suggest a two-paragraph paper format instead, either by doctrine and practice or by Catholic and Protestant.

(And just in case you haven't done it before the 2 paragraph paper is something like this:
intro, first topic, and transition all in P.1
second topic and conclusion in P.2)

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It's not a 5 paragraph essay! Break it into intro, protestants, catholics, and conclusion.

You have good facts, just be sure to explain them.

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