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stunning Rome

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stunning Rome

I’ve just been in the stunning Rome on a [url=http://www.esl.ch/it/soggiorno-linguistico.htm]viaggi studio studying Italian to set up as a teacher there this coming summer – I had a fantastic time and am so glad to be able to say I’m going back to live! The city is alive with culture and there are so many people eager to learn – the perfect place to start as a newly qualified TEFL teacher! I have taught English as a foreign language before (to Spanish people in the US in an [url=http://www.tilesaeyc.com/adultos.html]escuela de ingles en Nueva York) but this time I’ll be going it alone, doing private classes. I look forward to the liberty I experienced whilst a student in Sweden (I studied [url=http://www.blueberrysprak.nu/]Japanska at the capital’s university and had the time of my life there! I would recommend learning Japanese to anyone though for beginner language learners perhaps the romantic Italian would be easier given that it at least uses the same alphabet as English!). So all that is left is to complete my business [url=http://www.cci-exchange.com/countries/ireland.shtml]internship abroad Ireland and I’ll be ready for the Italian life! If anyone has any tips to go about advertising my services, please let me know – I plan to go and leave leaflets in the university buildings but was looking for something a little more inspirational…

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