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Which textbook do you use??

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Which textbook do you use??


Just wondering which textbook people here are using for their AP European History classes. ^_^
I'm using Western Civilzation, 5th Ed. published by




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I'm Using "Western Heritage" :-p

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Joined: Sep 2005

I am also using Westerb Heritage, 6th Edition by Houghton Mufflin.

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Joined: Sep 2005

I didn't have a textbook last year, but I used the Princeton Review: "How To Crack The AP European History Test" book. It really helped. I suggest picking it up used on eBay or Amazon to study with.

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All welcome.

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we're using a history of Western Society Seventh Edition, by Mckay/Hill/Butler.

Damn those college level textbooks

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Joined: Feb 2006

... a history of the modern world...ed. 9 :confused:

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anyone using western heritage by kagan.
summer homework ? helpp !!
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When I took that class, it was Western Heritage, 4th edition. But that was two years ago, I think they have new books by now.

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Joined: Aug 2006

does anyone have a big packet of work for ap euro !
because i need tons of help.

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american pageant :)

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For European History?

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