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HELP needed for AP Psych Essays!

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HELP needed for AP Psych Essays!

:confused:I've been sick for the entire last week and have no idea how to do these essays :confused:, HELP!

1. Allie a new student at skniner highschool is determined to make friends. When she attneds the first psychology club meeting she finds herself in the room with 20 strangers who seem to know eachother well. She plans to attend a few more meetings before decided wether to join.

Demonstrate how each of the following could help play a role in allies quest for friendship, you may use a differnet example for each concept
Mere exposure affect
Mnemonic device
Schachter two factor theory
Locus of control

Demonstrate how each of the following could HINDER play a role in allies quest for friendship, you may use a different example for each concept
In group Bais
Operant Conditioning
Circadian Rhythm

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Alright, bare with me on this one and I should be able to give you a bit of help.

Basically what you need to do is use the given terms and write a blurb or so on how they can relate to the mock-situation. All you got to do is understand the terms, then apply them however you want to the situation given, but you must specify why they can be used here.


In group bias may hinder Allie's progressing in making friends because she is the new girl. Circles are already established at this point in time among the children already attending the school, thus Allie would have to be mutually accepted by all in the group as she is an outsider. It is much harder to reform an existing social hierarchy than to create one, as those already in a group will not wish to add someone different and new to their neat little worlds.

You, of course, do not need to beat around the bush as much as I did, however, it is early.

I hope this helps you, Greenlover17

Feel free to PM if you need clarification or such.

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