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Independent Study tips?

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Independent Study tips?

Hello! I'm planning on taking the AP Psychology test on my own and I need some advice x___x
I've been attempting to read out of an ap psych textbook i got from my cousin, but it's starting to become VERY tedious and time-consuming. (since i'm already taking 4 other APs at school >_>)
Oh and I've heard from many people that this test is VERY easy - so I'm wondering if reading a study aid(s) would be more helpful than reading a textbook (which usually contains too much information anyway -_-). I already have the Princeton Review + Barron's study aids, and I might just get the "5 steps to a 5" book for this course. Should I just stick to the study aids? Please help! What should I do? ; __ ;

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Berk. has their Intro to Psychology lectures on podcast. (Google--> search for Berkeley classes Psychology)

And MIT OpenCourseWare has uploaded their intro to Psychology as well. (Recommended, professor is interesting)

Hope that helps

One more note: Berk has more options, they also have an Emotion Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Buddhism Psychology uploaded

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I can understand what you want to discuss here. And I think that it is a free-response section tests your ability to make connections between constructs from some of the 14 content areas covered in the course. There are two questions in the free-response section. Each question contains concepts from a number of domains. The questions often involve application, analysis, synthesis, or a critique of psychological principles.

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stick with the aids.... reading from the book is way too time consuming. even after reading you'll have to look back to notes you wrote anyways

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I agree, keep with the study aids. but also use the textbook to quiz yourself at the end of each chapter

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I bought a study guide for the book from barns and noble and it does the trick.

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Time management

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