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Um.. help!

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Um.. help!

So I'm taking AP Psychology this year.
The teacher who normally has the class was out all of first semester for health reasons. We had a different teacher who has taught Psychology for a few years, but never AP. He made the class fun and interesting and we still learned a lot and moved quickly through the material, usually with a little bit of downtime at the end of every class. We covered eight chapters.
So second semester we switched back to the normal teacher. He's likeable but... a little slow on the uptake (he tends to give out assignments and forget to collect them, or forget to give out assignments, or give out assignments on old chapters, you get the point). He also tends to not give out due dates... saying things like "Oh yeah I'll collect that sometime over the next few classes" or "You'll have a quiz on this next class, or maybe next tuesday." We've done three whole chapters since February, the last of which we weren't even formally tested on, and we still have two left! Two classes ago we watched "A Beautiful Mind" - for the third time - and last class we were writing skits. When someone reminded him that there are only three classes left until the exam he said "Oh, is that all?"
I had gone into the class hoping to get a 4 on the exam (I've long ago given up on shooting for 5's on AP exams) and it seems that at this point I'm just going to have to take things into my own hands, since I don't think he's offering any kind of reviews.
Long story short... I need to figure out the best way to cram all my studying into the next ten days, including material we haven't even touched. Any ideasss???

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